Curly Hair Is Not "Professional"


Of course, I knew that I'd deal with the questions of "how come?!" "what made you cut it?" and "Do you like it better this way?"

Surprisingly, I didn't receive too many of those! At my job, I heard more compliments than questions. It was a bit of a shocker. 

I decided to cut my hair because for many years growing up, I felt like my hair was my identity. In those days, I used to cry if I had to trim my hair even half an inch. There were no games to be played! Until I finally decided I need a fresh, new start. I'm cutting my hair off. Gradually, I went from long, down my back to a bob cut to a caesar and a fade. I went through the motions. Eventually, I started to grow my hair back and in came the fro.

To be honest, after a few years of rocking my fro, I loved it. I loved what my hair reformed itself into. My natural curls shining like never before. My fro making its way up to Heaven before me. Life was good. Then, I was over it. I kept telling myself day after day, I'm cutting my hair. Most women have experienced this, "the boyfriend is NOT with it" excuse. For me, I had to respect his "wants" but also respect my needs and what I felt most comfortable with.


I couldn't wait for this moment. 

Obviously, the title probably made you click this post to read it, right? Well, I was at work and finally, someone questioned why I cut my hair and also made a statement. 

It definitely looks professional. So much more professional.

Of course, no malice was intended, I assume. I just wondered to myself, was my curly hair NOT professional? 

I've never felt attacked in any way while wearing my hair in it's natural state at work. If anything, it was always welcomed and hyped over. At least with this current job. 

So, when I heard that my hair being short, straightened and tamed looked more professional, it made me wonder. Why? What made my natural curls seem unprofessional? Were they too wild? Did it express too much of my background and/or history? Was the texture making others uncomfortable?

I have friends, one in particular, who told me that she was sent home from work after wearing her hair natural one day after doing twist-outs. I was appalled by this when she told me that her boss said she either had to change her hair, or go home and come back with a new style.

Aren't we a generation of expression? Shouldn't we feel comfortable in who we are and how we appear? I've seen people wearing different colors and styles, tattoos and short-shorts to work and for some, it's considered cute. For others, it's not too professional.

I would never feel comfortable in a place that made me change who I appeared to be. As long as I am well put together, hair color is dependent on the role, my appearance should not interfere with how professional someone assumes me to be, or not to be.

I have confidence in my hair, and so should you! Short, long, kinky, curly or straight. It's your roots, don't let society plant in your garden.

BeBeautifulSaphia Louise