Am I Ready to Be A Mom?


Don't worry. I am not pregnant.

At my age, the pressure to get married and become a mother is extremely heavy. Truth be told, I hear it more from my brother than anyone else in my family.

The pressure to follow the timeline of getting married and becoming a parent is predicted by everyone else for women my age. The late 20s is when you’re supposed to have found the love of your life and had at least one child, right? Maybe not.

"When are you going to get married? When will you settle down? Stop traveling so much and save for your future! When are you going to have children?"

I admit, as I am ten months away from turning 30, the thought that I may never have children, OR get married, frightens me just a little bit. Is it in my future? Am I cut-out to be a mother? 

Listening to the opinion of others and how they expect your life to turn out can seriously cause a woman to question everything about her existence. Kidding, not kidding.

I always wonder why the pressure is so necessary when you hit a certain age. More importantly, why others want to manage the timeline of your life!? I remember being young and "in love" and being told, "you're too long to be in love, you have your whole life to live." 

Honestly, I am content with where I am in life. I am happy with the decisions that I have made that have benefitted me, but I also know that the ones that have led me to a dark road are simply lessons that I need to pay close attention to.

Still, it has me wondering. Am I ready to be a mom?

Last week I spent some time with my family in Georgia. My older sister just gave birth to my nephew Jeremiah 3 months ago and of course, I had baby fever. Having the desire to hold him. Love on him. Feed him. 

I even caught myself saying, "What's my baby doing?"

But, the thing about loving on a child that is not yours, is that you can always return them! (Whew, thank God)

There is more behind the scenes than what you experience when you're just babysitting or spending a few days with a baby.

You let go of your sleep pattern. You have to be on high alert at all times. You no longer think of yourself first. The baby is your life. At least for a few years until they're able to walk into walls and fall down without you having to have a mini heart attack.

A child is a lot to deal with. A baby is even more of a responsibility.

So, am I ready to be a mom? I am not sure.


So, am I ready to be a mom? I am not.


I have heard several mothers say things like, once you have the baby, you sort of slip into this mommy-mode and waking up at 4 am or whenever the child decides to ruin your sleep, comes naturally and without trouble.

Am I selfish to want to have a few more years to myself? To discover me? To travel and explore the world, sans baby?

Does that mean post-baby that I would not be able to do these things? Of course not. 

We have to learn to work at the time that works for us. It's not necessary to compare your life to others, especially those that you see on the internet. It's important to make life-changing decisions that you have thoroughly thought out and prepared for whatever comes your way.

Simply put, I believe that I would be a great mom. It just hasn’t happened yet. Until then, I will embrace my nieces and nephews for as long as I can! #GodsPlan