DeadPool2 Exhibit- Believe In Your SELFie


Last week I was lucky enough to make it to the Deadpool Pop-Up that was in New York for only a few days. I've never watched the movies, but from what I saw on Instagram, I couldn't miss out on the great photo-ops.

That's the fun part about New York ( and I am sure your city as well). The trend of pop-ups and exhibitions has grown tremendously and so many people, bloggers and vloggers, jump at the opportunity to be creative in the most creative spaces.

Also, if you were unable to catch it last year, Refinery 29 is back at it again with 29 Rooms. This is not a free exhibit, but from the feedback that I heard last year, it was definitely worth the $40. Check it out and snag your ticket if you can!


Until then, check out my new VLOG on my Youtube of a bit of my experience at Deadpool and SEVENTEEN HUB pop up as well. 


You're probably wondering how I tend to catch these sort of experiences. If it wasn't for @FomoFeed on Instagram, I'd probably still have to google things. Check them out and don't miss out on the next fun pop-up!