Bloom Where You Are Planted

I've always loved the term, "you are becoming."


To me, it extends beyond a physical appearance compliment, but rather what you are becoming as you blossom from the inside out.

Many people don't know this, but I have a tattoo on my back that was quoted by Tupac (and Maya Angelo). The quote says, "The Rose That Grew From Concrete."

In a nutshell, to me, this quote means that although I've been through tough times and encountered much adversity, I am still blooming. I decided to bloom where I was planted.

Many of us do not have the choice in where we were raised and by whom, but we do have the choice to water ourselves.

This also goes as far to say career-wise, friendships, relationships. We find our way in these unique circumstances of life--we are planted there, whether it be by chance or fault. Life doesn't stop there. We need to bloom. In order to do that, we must water ourselves.

Self-Care. Self-Awareness. Self-Love.

It's easy to find comfort in the roots of life, but in order to blossom and to grow, we must continue to learn. Continue to love on the person that you are and to want more for yourself.

Personally, I know that I was planted at my job for a purpose and lately I've noticed that I haven't been watering myself. I've allowed my leaves to trickle down and crumble. It is a process, but the more you water yourself daily, the more you know your worth and your purpose.

I want to encourage you never to settle and to always look for more ways to turn that seed into a beautiful flower. Bloom where you are planted.