Solo Brunchin' In Williamsburg



It was surprisingly empty in Williamsburg this past weekend. I strolled around from Bedford Avenue all the way down to South 1st and Kent on a hunt for food. I've realized that I am not only picky with food, but also I can be with the way a restaurant looks and their name. Judgy, eh? This also prolongs my starvation and adds to my hangry attitude!

I'll assume that because of the pride parade in NYC, most of the Williamsburg folks found their way into the city and pretty much deserted the town. I was hoping that I'd be able to leech near a crowd that was going in the direction of good food, but I was left to find one on my own.

No big deal, it's Williamsburg. (Overwhelming amounts of food coming your way!)

I finally made my way to a place called Fornino. An Italian, Pizza spot. I really didn't want pizza, but I went in and ended up getting something that I probably would not have thought to eat on any other day..

Fornino has 3 locations in Brooklyn. Williamsburg. Greenpoint. Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The restaurant has a really homestyle feel to it. The lighting sets for an intimate setting, but since it's summer, the open windows give it more natural lighting. 



I was torn between the French Toast and the Eggs in Purgatory. I can't lie, I went for the one with the more attractive, fun name. The Eggs in Purgatory. 

I was a little turned off at first because there were onions involved. But, have no fear, I made my way around it.

So, what is this purgatory meal that I speak of?

It is baked eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, topped with parmesan and artichokes. Yes, artichokes. Another "never tried this" item crossed off my list. There were also potatoes on the side, which were super yummy. 

I wasn't sure how the baked eggs would taste, but the moment the yolk spilled out, I knew it was destiny. The spicy tomato sauce added a perfect touch to the eggs. Also, a nice side of bread that was so soft on the inside!


Honestly, I couldn't finish it all. This meal was so fulfilling. As I said before, I wanted the french toast, but because it wasn't served with a side, I didn't think that it would fill me up. Little did I know that I wouldn't be able to complete 3 eggs and potatoes. Well, I finished the eggs--didn't really master the potatoes. 

if you're ever in Williamsburg and want to try something different, check out Fornino. The staff was extremely pleasant and attentive! Apparently, the Eggs in Purgatory is a customer/staff favorite--try at your own risk!

Don't forget to add a mimosa to your meal! It had a tangy taste to it that I really enjoyed!

I also came across a cool Bike Park and snapped fun pics!