Curl Fest With Newbies 2018

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The last time I went to Curl Fest was in 2016. That was my 2nd year there, wish my flourishing big curly hair (photo above)  and I had been anticipating it this year once they released the dates.


Prospect Park, in the heart of Brooklyn, is where this festival takes place. In the mix, you'll find beautiful women and men embracing their natural tresses and showing out in some pretty dope attire.

Since I had other plans for the second part of my day, I was only about to soak in but so much of the festival before it turned into a huge party in the park.

LEFT: Ariel RIGHT: Kelci

LEFT: Ariel RIGHT: Kelci

This year, I opted out of bringing my camera to play the photographer role. Instead, I brought my younger sisters along for a chance to see the beauty of natural hair. In the past, my youngest sister has struggled with accepting her kinky, curly hair, so I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to see how happy and in love people were with their own curls!

There were so many vendors there and the lines were outrageous. I couldn't figure out if the lines were for Free samples, or just to see the Ambassadors of the particular Brand. Either way, I stood on one line (only to realize it was for scraped ice and a few packets of products from Palmers. 


Aside from the vendors, they had food trucks, little stands with uniquely flavored ices and a few stages that held panelist discussions. And of course, the main stage. The major change that I noticed was the "Chill Zone." Which, you had to be a VIP or have paid for your ticket in order to get in there. No biggie, we were coolin how we cooled on the outside!

I will say that Curl Fest grew tremendously over the years. What went from a festival that not many people were aware of, turned into this huge event that had people flying from all over just to attend!


Here are some of OUR photos. Enjoy!


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