Road Trip to Washington D.C.


I love a good Road trip.

Especially when you're not the driver. One of the great parts about living in New York is having the opportunity to hop in the car and drive a few hours away to explore another state; even if it's just for one day. Which is what we did--24 hours in D.C.


In the past, every time that I've visited DC, I usually went strictly for the museums. There are so many options to choose from and you absolutely need more than a day or two to get through everything in ONE museum alone. 

This time, we explored the museums, but I also had a chance to experience different restaurants, a pop-up exhibit and of course, DC partying.

Our first stop was at the National Building Museum. We did not explore the actual museum, but we did get a chance to stop by the Fun House. This is an installment placed in the middle of the museum lobby.

This was a really fun time with my friends as we made our way through the Fun House full of interactive rooms. Talk about Instagram Photo-opp!


If you don't mind jumping in a ball pit full of people, the Fun House is the place to be. We did our best to make it a quick trip because, between us, the smell was unbearable!


We also had a chance to see one of the exhibits in NBM before heading out. The exhibit was called "EVICTED." The presentation talked about the process of eviction, which group is primarily evicted and how it can be prevented with an attorney. Very interesting facts.

After the Fun House, we worked up an appetite! We heard a lot about a spot called Decades and so we decided to try out Remix by Decades--which is a restaurant right next door.


Afterward, we checked in at St. Gregory Hotel in Dupont Circle. I loved the decor of this hotel's lobby upon first walking in.  It's definitely a fancy hotel and worth the stay! Dupont Circle is close to all of the bars/clubs and restaurants. We were able to walk to Decades from our hotel.

This spot Decades is so dope to me. The floors are designed to represent the style from the musical decade and plays different genres of music for each.


VLOG of DC coming soon to my YOUTUBE channel which will be Re-Launching soon!


Of course, we visited The Bible Museum, too! I will say that you need an entire day to get through at least 40% of this museum. It is packed with so many gems, videos explaining the Bible and interactive walkthroughs. We were only able to cover one floor in our 24-hour trip, but I will definitely be returning to finish, plus more. 

We also went to a place where I have been yearning to go to ever since my first time in D.C. 

Busboys & Poets. The vibe is definitely me there! Very artsy, full of books and happy people!

For 1 day in D.C, I think we did a pretty decent job!

Do you have any favorite things to do or places to go when visiting Washington? Share below in the comments for my next visit!