Follow The Path of Your Purpose

Sometimes we're too fixed on the wrong part of God's test for us, on worrying what will happen next and this leaves us in a stump, not taking action and opting out of the chance to know God's purpose. 

We've all heard the Jonah story. At least, I think we have. Even if you aren't a Christian and don't live a life of Faith, you might have heard of the story where Jonah is swallowed by a fish. 

For many years, probably like some readers, I was so focused on the incredible ridiculousness of a fish swallowing a man and then spitting him out, ALIVE, that I overlooked the purpose of the story. Well, that's because for many years I never really read the story. Finally, when I put my hand, and heart, on the Bible, I was able to understand more. 

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The Bible is an amazing thing. It has the ability to appear as if it's just words, not targeting any of your worries or concerns and then it can also be so transparent that you feel as if God Himself is speaking directly to you. That's because He is. I've learned that when we read the Bible and don't feel like a story has touched us, we have to read it again. Why? Because,  maybe it wasn't a message for us, but rather God trying to prepare us to be used to help with someone else.

So, let's get back to the story of Jonah.

I can speak for myself with this question, but let me ask you. Have you ever caught yourself being sent on a mission? God decides to send you somewhere to do something...Your initial thought, no. We think that we know what the end result is going to be because maybe a.) we've been down this road before or b.) we have this gut feeling that God is wrong. So, we run. You run away from where God is leading you because you don't think that you are prepared. Like Jonah.

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That's what Jonah thought. God sent him on a mission and He decided, yeah, probably not. I'll just escape and find another way around this. We're so fixated on what we want that we don't even attempt to void our idea of what the end result could be.

We are like Jonah in so many ways, and like many of the characters in the bible--our lives are so relatable.

Jonah finds himself on a boat. A boat that is being led by individuals who are also on a mission. Except, they're following the mission that was given to them--not to Jonah (or you). He came to mess (ish) up! Well, at least he thought he was just ridding himself from God's plan. 

But see, Jonah, like some of us, was too caught up in the wrong part of Gods test. We tend to worry about the wrong thing happening. We also try to follow the purpose/calling and plan for someone else's life because we think God messed up somewhere with us.

We have to start understanding that there is a purpose in everything that we do and all that happens to us. Sometimes, it may seem like we're going in a direction that will ruin everything so we try to take matters into our own hands and direct the boat--when in reality we can't even call ourselves a co-pilot.

Like Jonah, we end up getting on a boat that was not going in our direction and this alone leads to a new chaos that we weren't prepared for. 

God will wreck the ship, cause massive waves to come over your life, simply to break you down to be more dependent on Him. Sometimes we need to be shaken, to feel like the world has engulfed our entire being so that we can let go and let God take complete control.

You should not escape your purpose. You have to have trust in God's plan for your life. Live a life of purpose and meaning and maximize the wonders that God has given you.