Only God Can Break Me


Have you ever faced a trial in your life where it left you feeling broken, destroyed or defeated? 

I have this particular way of thinking where I don't believe anything can completely defeat me. 

As a child, you might have received a puzzle at least once as a Christmas or Birthday gift. That puzzle was once a full image but was now fragmented pieces that you had to put back together. Of course, it's a little frustrating throughout the challenge to find the right pieces to fit in place. But once you piece it all together, it's a beautiful image that was once broken apart, but now serves its purpose as you, the "artist' placed it back together.

Of course, our lives are a bit different from that. 

We have this STRANGE idea and we actually believe it, that, we have everything figured out. I've encountered people who thought that where they were in life was the end of their journey, and they were satisfied with that progression. Hey, I myself have been in that position before, too. It's just that I try to think differently now so that I will see things differently.

If you're anything like that, where you believe everything is exactly where it needs to be, you might have learned, or soon enough you will, that in fact, God has a different plan. 

Maybe you will lose everything and everyone you have ever loved because of an act you did. Or, you had a perfect idea that was flourishing and then all of a sudden, one day God said no more. I believe that no matter what happens in life, as long as I am still breathing, I still have an opportunity for a comeback. Which is why I believe that sometimes God GRACEfully breaks us apart so that he can promote us and put us back together in the right place.

Because, as I said before, we might THINK we are on the right track, but God has to nudge us just a little bit and even then we can be ignorant to his warning.


You have to learn that adversity is a part of our lifestyle. No matter who you are. No matter how often you face it or how rare it may be.

We are loved unconditionally, protected against all weapons that try to destroy and sometimes, we are even broken by the one who created us. Yet, we are handled with grace as it happens.

Allow yourself to be broken. Ask that the fears that have found a home within you are removed. The pride that you embody that became your best friend will begin to fade away. The sin that controls you and makes you feel unbecoming, this will be broken.

We are all too often afraid of FAILURE. Afraid to BREAK. We think it's the worst thing that can ever happen to us. But, it's not. Sometimes, being broken can lead to you putting the puzzle of your life, your truest self, back together and letting go of what did not belong in the first place.

Why do we think being broken is such a bad thing? Even if it's losing a job. We realize where we went wrong or even that we were too good for that job and find something more worthy of our time and hearts. Relationships? We get our hearts broken. That is not the end. We learn to eventually love again and you also know what you're willing to tolerate next time.

It takes time to see the parts of us that others may automatically see, but for some reason, we're blind to it.

They see it and say: you need to change this or that. When did you become so _______ (fill in the blank)?

But when we let go of who we THINK we are, when we allow God to use every ounce of us... When we trust that if HE breaks us, He will ONLY GRACEfully put us back together, that is when we experience TRUE freedom. . . 

Allowing God to break you, means that you TRUST Him and the plan that He has for your life. Allowing Him to break you, gracefully, means that you know that YOU are not in control, and You're OKAY with that. It means that you want better and have a desire to lead a better life. It means that you know unconditional love and you will do nothing to step in the way of it.