I Released My First Book

It’s been a long time coming…

For so many years, I had this dream to publish a book of my very own poetry. It was delayed because I had always been so critical of myself. How could I ever manage to narrow down ALL of my poetry to fit between the covers of one book?

But, this years I did it. I said NO to my fears. I said NO to my worries. I said NO to any sort of delay that would cause me to keep pushing this back.


I believe that I am currently in a place in my life where I know that God is eager to rebuild me. Sometimes, because of our environment, our daily lifestyle and other factors that play a role causing us to be so “busy” it is easy to get complacent and continue to hit the pause button on delivering our purpose.

I am allowing myself to just go. I want to be able to just flow with what I feel is a gift given from God and kick down the fear, doubts and worries that will knock on my door as I go.


Well, poetry. It’s called “How Is Your Heart?” and its a collection of 32 poems (I know, so tough to choose out of 1000+). It’s a book of love. From self-love, to broken love to finding love outside of yourself with another. I am an advocate for love; a hopeless romantic. I’ve experienced many shades of love. (heck, a good title would have been “32 Shades of Love”) This is just the beginning for me. Though I’ve shared much of my poetry in the past, I am grateful for this new chapter.


It is currently available on Amazon.com to purchase a Paperback copy or you can grab an e-book on Kindle.