It's Beautiful To Let The Dead Things Go

Isn’t it funny how often we travel through life and we experience this urging desire for self-discovery and revival?


I can count on both hands how many times I’ve had the thought “it’s time for change.”

That’s the beauty of being a growing human; we constantly want to evolve and become a greater version of ourselves because—why the heck not?

Yet, even though we have that longing to level-the-heck-up, sometimes it’s just not as easy to. Sometimes, it’s just easier to sit down and let that dead, nagging piece of discomfort hover over our heads and be at piece with uneasiness. Yikes.

To be honest, we need to constantly remind ourselves that life will come and life will go, but depending on our direction, it’s not an automatic push or pull unless we have the capacity to redirect the intention of life to follow our own.


Where’s The Tea?

So, let me tell you a quick, and rather creepy story and then let me tell you the sudden realization that came of it.

As some of you know, I recently turned the big three-oh! Your girl is thirty years old. That’s not the creepy part. I know—shocker.

With this age, came several thoughts, fears, worries and all things that I thought would be left behind from my twenties automatically.* But to my unfortunate surprise, not much changed. Instead of letting go, I held on.

Holding on to what had been holding me back for God knows how long.

As a way to begin to step outside of my comfort zone, to step back into the person that I know myself to be:

Confident, free, passionate, joyful, transparent, worry-free, unapologetic, thriving and so many more positive adjectives that can be thrown in there to represent my “best life” characteristics— I decided to take a dance class (one of the many things on my “30’s: cross-this-off-my-damn-list bucket list.”


Without making this a long, detailed story: Basically, I was driving my car, headed to the dance studio to take a Soca class. *cue the overwhelming amount of sweat that poured out of my body that I never knew was possible*

On my way to this class, out of the clear blue skies (or a tree—which is what I prefer to think) came a baby bird, crashing it’s life right into the palm of my…windshield! Smack-dab right in the middle. First, I told myself it was a leaf. After a quick second look, I knew it was a bird. Here’s the thing… the baby bird was dead.

So many thoughts crossed my mind. Wanting to understand the reasoning behind this random life experience. I’m that person who quickly researches what my dreams mean as long as I can remember the details. And although I had many reasons thrown at me as to why this happened, it didn’t actually hit me until the next day.

It’s Beautiful To Let The Dead Things Go

Sometimes, life throws you left-field lemons while you’re casually minding your business in the right field. And before you know it, you have piled up ten baskets of lemons and haven’t had the opportunity to squeeze out even one of them!

You’ve been gathering what has been tossed your way, and it’s not until you start to feel heaviness that you realize the dead, unwanted weight of all of these lemons you no longer need.


This was a quick reminder for me.

It’s okay to let go. It’s okay if I’m not the strongest in every situation. If there is an end to a season, that is also okay because there was a beautiful beginning to it. Life happens. There’s a purpose in all that we experience.

What exactly are you holding onto that will lead to such a beautiful victory if you let go?

I challenge you, and myself, to face whatever comes your way in that moment, and then let it go.

You have way more powerful than the power that you think you possess.

You are crafted and perfectly formed by a God who wants His glory to shine through you.

Shortly after this bird landed on my window, I let him go into the next stage of his life (or afterlife). But for me, it’s so much more than a bird landing in my view. It was simply a sign for me to understand that I am in a new season of life. Everything that I thought I knew before has reset.

It’s a beautiful thing to let what has played its part take a step off of the stage to make way for the curtains of life to open for a new scene.

sips tea*

With Love,

Saphia Louise