Losing Faith & Trust in God


We are creatures that tend to hold onto the idea that, "we will believe it when we see it." However, for some who live a life of faith, we gravitate to the knowledge and truth that: God Is Real. Simple as that.

Growing up, I went to church all of the time. Not with my own family, but with my extended family aka my best friends family. Still, I didn't really understand the meaning of a relationship with Jesus Christ or what church was really about. 

At an older age and being able to make decisions on my own, after some doubt and fight, I finally decided that I want to live for God. I made the decision that He was real and that I ought to have faith in Him over my life and trust His process.

Well, what happens when life gets in your way and you start to lose sight of those things that you once knew and believed so much to be true?

Let's get real. I initially wanted to write this post because someone who is close to me is at a point in their life where they don't know if God is out to protect them or allow them to be destroyed. They are at a point where they feel like God has allowed so much pain and suffering to enter their life and after so many years of serving Him, it just makes no sense. They have reached a point where they just no longer want to hear about God and how good He is because, well, all they see is bad.

Well, I think many of us can relate or have had questions about whether God is really in control and whether He really has the best intentions for us. Essentially, this comes around the time when we are going through the loops of disaster in our life. Why? Well, because when things are good, they're good. There is no sense in complaining, right?

I think many of us can sit back and say we've wondered why the light that is supposed to be ahead of us seems so dim. I think we can all attest to the fact that times get HARD and we freak out. We panic. We lose faith. We lose trust.

I don't own the perspective of God. I can only try to be more like who I've learned Him to be and desire to be a reflection of Him. However, none of us truly understand, in the moment of our pain, why God allows things to happen. We just can't because we are not God.

So what do we do when we lose faith? Well, many things. We can sit back and reminisce about the times that God DID in fact provide. We can look back on the feelings of emptiness that we once felt from either a loss of a loved one or a job, but God refilled us with His love giving us the chance to be set free, again. We can surround ourselves with others who lost everything but still manage to trust in God. We can't do it alone. We shouldn't want to. That's the enemies territory--to seclude us and make us think less of ourselves, and of God.

Losing faith is something that can happen at different points in our life. Losing that initial fire that you first had when you gave your life to Christ is also natural. We act as if it's taboo to speak of, but so many people end up "lost in the sauce" because they're afraid to speak in church and simply say: I lost my faith. I don't trust God.

Also, I remember when I was attending Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, the young adult ministry, in New York. I was up at that altar every Friday, faithfully. Did I care that people were probably thinking, "wow? This girl must be going through something." Not at all. I knew that God was present at that altar. As I know He is omnipresent of course, but I felt like I had a date with Him and was meeting Him where He requested me each week. 

Sometimes we just need to meet God at a place that may be uncomfortable to us and tell Him what we really feel. Ultimately, just listen.

If you've lost your faith and trust in God, don't worry. Pray about it. You will overcome. If you need someone to talk to, I am here.