How The At-Home MicroGlo Microdermabrasion Kit Can Give Your Skin A Fresh New Look


Let’s be honest with each other—we all want healthy, clear skin. Am I right?!

(WARNING: Don’t feel like reading? See video at bottom!)

Quick confession: During the summertime, my go-to “sun tan lotion” is often baby oil or coconut oil. I’ve been told by so many people that I am going to ruin my skin because I am basically baking under the sun. Of course, I am a Taurus aka — we ARE very stubborn, so I continued to get golden while speeding the aging process up.

There are two factors that play a part in how my skin has been changing. One, I am getting older—which is also encouraging me to no longer just find products and test them on my skin, not knowing what chemicals are in these cleansers and moisturizers. Two, my skin is becoming more dry during the winter time no matter what products I use. Eventually, it releases from the surface of my skin and that’s all. My goal, as most should relate, is to be able to unclog my pores, not drown my skin with tons of products and understand how to keep the glow! Because, why the heck not!?

So, I’ve been introduced to microdermabrasion. The first time I experienced this procedure, which is short and painless, was at a spa. After this experience, I took note that it is very expensive to do such treatment, especially when you need several in order to see great results.

Well, let me tell you about Microglo! I was introduced to Microglo Microdermabasion Kit, which is an at home treatment. Yes, hunty!

You’re able to knock down thousands of dollars worth of treatments on your own for a way more affordable treat.


Quick facts about the Microglo Microdermabrasion Kit:

  1. Each treatment is ONLY 5 minutes! Boo boo, fit this into your weekly pampering routine—that should already be active—and get your glow on!

  2. You can only do this once a week. After 8 treatments, it can be decreased to once a month.

  3. Typical treatments cost $100-$300 per session. With Microglo, you are getting a one-time fee + 80% discount, basically! Here for it? YES.

  4. This is NOT an overnight success treatment. Trust me, anything that sells “overnight” is probably not for you anyway. We’re good !

  5. This device essentially tricks your skin cells in regenerating.

  6. It evens out skin tones, reduces appearance of pore size (thank you lawd) and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  7. It allows for your other skin care products to be up to 20X more effective.

Am I REALLY loving it?


I wouldn’t lie to you all! I love it. It’s very easy to use, there is a video on the site that gives a tutorial and my skin feels like a baby’s bottom.

I’ve been suffering with really sensitive skin for a few years now and I was wary of using it for that reason. However, after my experience, I felt no harm and no extreme discomfort beyond typical redness.

This was my first treatment (Jan 26) so I will definitely keep you all posted on how my skin reacts to this tool over time.

The Microglo Microdermabrasion Kit comes with a 4-speed mode tool, 5 customizable heads (these are used as part of the suction that latches on to your skin), a usb charger and a pack of 10 filters.

I chose the head #1 because of my very sensitive skin and used speed 3. It left my skin feeling smooth, but also very red—which only lasted about 25-30 minutes. I immediately saw the blackheads around my nose and beneath my eyes decrease in size after the treatment. Before moving on to the other side of my face, I compared the feel between both—newly micro side and the original.

I could feel a COMPLETE difference. One side was normal slightly smooth skin, but also had a dry and rough texture. I could feel bumps along my cheek also. When I ran my hand across the side that had received treatment, it was amazing! Super soft, flawless skin. Though, I will say that it was DRY! Which is okay considering you are supposed to cleanse your face first, do the treatment and THEN put toner and moisturizer. So, I had no problem with the dryness.

Once I put my toner and moisturizer on, it felt like butter melting into my skin. My skin was more accepting to the product immediately.

Here are photos of before the treatment and after (treatment +toner + moisturizer)

My goals with using this tool:

  • To even my skin tone in certain areas, like the side of my cheeks. I have a few dark spots from previous pimples and I would like to even that out

  • Smaller pores. I want to decrease the size of my pores especially beneath my eyes

This product is without a doubt a health way to regenerate your skin and bring you the natural glow that you’ve been wanting! What are you waiting for?! Get your Microglo Microdermabrasion Kit today!

Watch how I used it in this video