Shoot Your Shot. . . Again

Photo courtesy of: @HELLOTAMARCUS

Photo courtesy of:@HELLOTAMARCUS

I recently revamped my room. This is nothing new, as I often feel when my room tends to lack with aesthetic inspiration, I tend to lack in the area of creativity. Or, at least that's what I tell myself.

Aside from that, I also decided that I will train myself to get back into writing. Physically. With a pen and paper. I have so many journals and after switching my room around, I came to a conclusion. So often I stop writing in my books and stop writing in general. 

Last night was day one and I narrowed my nightly routine down to 3 journal entries. 1. My letters to love. 2. My daily diary 3. My prayers to God.

While writing in my Prayer journal, I wrote something that hit home for me. I said that I was going to shoot my shot with God, again. 

Lately, I feel like my heart has been eager for more of God, but to be completely transparent, there's just a block. God hasn't been as loud as I need Him to be. I tend to fall off in "The Word" department. There's a total block.

So I thought about it. In life, or maybe in basketball, when you shoot your shot, there will always be a player, or an interference, or even just an obstacle that is going to block you from making that shot.

However, there will also be moments when attempting to shoot your shot, you may get distracted by something or someone on the sidelines. Or a thought crosses your mind and you fail to even shoot. That blockage can simply be you.

My prayers tend to be a pattern: God grant me peace. God lead me. God guide me. God protect me.

We need to ask God for help so that we can stop blocking ourselves. No matter the situation.

Get out of your own way and stop allowing things to block your shot. Stop allowing fears, situations, people and unnecessary worries take you away from making the shot that can change your life.

When you think about it like that, it can be more effective. 

Does this blockage help me?

Is this a block from God?

Can I learn from this block, or will it be a disaster?

Ask yourself these questions, get out of your way and ... SHOOT YOUR SHOT!