Stay Cool, Even While You're Tumbling Over

Hey, Life. I see you. We hear you, sis. You have a funny way of expressing yourself—but, we get it.


So, let me be honest. I wrote an entire post for this topic and at the blink of an eye, it disappeared. What a funny way to remind me that sometimes we have to reset and restart after a tumble, but we have to Stay Cool about it.

Living in New York, everything is fast paced—even things that should be taken slowly have a sense of urgency that follows. It’s just the lifestyle we continue to adapt.

To be honest, there are two ways to look at life: you either take the moments that you experience as a lesson with a purpose, or just breeze through with the wind.

After leaving work recently, I decided to run an errand before heading to a friends house. In the mix of the New York commotion, I nearly went tumbling over my own two feet.

Once I caught myself, I looked up and noticed a little girl was walking toward my direction with a shirt on that said “ STAY COOL”.

And just like that, I stayed cool.


Of course, it hit me shortly after how life has a funny way of reminding us to be still and remain cool in the midst of chaos.

If you open your ears to the world and change the way you view things, you’ll notice that a lot of people around you are suffering. It may seem trendy, but there is deeper pain lingering around our world.

There are social standards to live up to, family pressures, financial desires and so much more, that it’s almost hard to embrace the current season that you’re in and view it as a blessing. Also, as a moment to stay cool because everything is under control.

You’re a gem and it’s important that you know that.

The obstacles around you, that thing that triggers your fear and your worries—it may cause you to tumble, but eventually you will roll right through it. Stay cool.