There's Life Right in Front of You

@ Disney’s Nutcracker Pop-Up

@ Disney’s Nutcracker Pop-Up


We all know the cliche saying, “stop and smell the roses” but how often do you actually take this into consideration? When was the last time you paused? Acknowledged the season that you were in and embraced it? With the fast paced lifestyle that is encouraged by society, it’s hard to smell the roses. As a New Yorker, I’ll admit that sometimes it’s hard to even SEE those roses that they speak of.

I remember a past relationship that I was in and at the time he would send flowers to my job almost every other week (at least that’s what it felt like). It became such a thing that I was always expecting the delivery. Once it began to die down and the flowers were no longer getting delivered, I quickly forgot how the previous flowers smelled. I couldn’t retrace the scent of the sweet and gentle aroma, that once pleased me, in my mind.

I stopped smelling the flowers because I began looking forward to the ones that were supposed to be coming in the future. . .

Recently, I went with a friend to visit the Disney’s Nutcracker Pop-up at The Oculus in the New World Trade Center here in New York. To experience the interactive pop-up, you had to walk through four different rooms, or realms as they called it, and each room had a scent that was sponsored by Glade candles.

We were told that whichever scent we felt most fond of, we would receive a complimentary candle of our choice at the end.


So after the experience, I thought about it. How often do we breeze through life anticipating something that is so far out in the future, that we overlook what is right in front of us?

It scares me, to be honest. The pace of life. The thing is, I understand that it’s not like this everywhere you go, nor is it like it with everyone you meet. There is a sense of peace that takes over you when you live in the now. This peace that reminds you of what you have and what you’ve been through. Yes, it’ll give you a push to keep making your way towards advancement because of your previous blessings, but it’s important not to focus too much on what you don’t have.

There is actual life in front of you. These roses that I want to encourage you to stop and smell represent so much.

They represent the job that you’re currently working, while wondering what’s next. That same job that has been providing and taking care of your bills and putting food on your table. That same job that has allowed you to develop greater skills whether it be communication, technical or organizational skills. Whatever it may be. This doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of achieving more and having a better career. It simply means we have to learn to take a moment to breathe in what is already surrounding our personal space. Be grateful.

These roses represent relationships. Another thing that scares me is the way we understand relationships and how we can get caught up in either comparing or rushing for things to be something that they’re not yet ready to become. Women tend to reach an age and think that as soon as you get into a relationship, it’s time for marriage. You’re not embracing the journey.

This is what smelling the flowers, roses, daisies, or whatever plan of your choice, is all about. It’s about the journey and the process. It’s about finding yourself and getting lost on purpose.

These roses represent love. friendships. finances. dreams. desires. goals. and life.


Stop and Smell the Roses because the aroma is beautiful and once you actually take the time, it’s also very peaceful.