Stop Stopping Yourself || Go Get It!


Someone recently told me that I pay attention to the small details around me when I’m in motion. Which, I can attest to.

I was moving through Manhattan and while trying to fit in with the speed culture of the city, my eyes quickly made its way to this woman's shirt. In bold white letters pressed against a white t-shirt, I saw the words, “Stop Stopping Yourself.”

In recent conversations, I have been expressing to other creatives and friends that I struggle with executing my ideas and dreams.

Normally, I don’t like to speak negative traits over myself, but sometimes it is important to come face to face with your struggles, call them out and move on feeling renewed without them.

So, when I saw the words telling me to stop stopping myself, I was hit really hard. You can probably relate when I say that I’ve wondered so often how come the many ideas that I ran through have not come to fruition—as I’d wish (though I’m grateful for the extent it’s reached).


We live in a culture where success seems to happen in under one minute.

We’re able to view the “stories” and “live” moments of people through social media and it has corrupted our minds to either think that:

  1. You would never reach that level.

  2. You are moving too slow and everyone else around you is reaching success.

  3. The ideas that you have been holding onto, someone else is already doing, so you decide it doesn’t even matter.

Do you remember how encouraged you were before social media? Before friends or family members told you that the dream you had was too big? Do you remember that feeling? It was a thrill. It was invigorating! I remember the desires that I had growing up and how, over time, they’ve faded.

Well, despite everything that we care to blame: people, environmental distractions, relationships, family or whatever external mess that has come to interrupt your peace, the real truth is that YOU are getting in your own way.

Practice MORE OFTEN by reminding yourself of the joy that you once felt when you had a dream and there was nothing or nobody that would get in between.

The next time you have an idea, write it down and memorize it. Let it penetrate through your brain.


The idea that there is only room for ONE at the top is ANCIENT HISTORY. There is room for you and everyone around you.

Here Are TWO Simple Tips That I Have For You

  1. Give yourself a “NO MATTER WHAT” deadline.

    A close deadline, as opposed to a 2 years from now type of goal. This means that whether your idea flourishes or is a complete fail, you have this mindset that no matter what happens with it, you will ride it out until the end.

    There are so many success stories, or even 15-minutes of fame stories, where people have succeeded with an OUTRAGEOUS idea because they believed in themselves, they didn’t stop and they said “I GOT THIS".

    For instance, look at Shiggy, an internet sensation. He decided to dance to a Drake song and it captivated THE WORLD. He was being himself, he was inspired and it took him so many places. No idea is too foolish, especially in this world that we live in.

  2. Connect with like-minded individuals who are doing what you do, or related to your field/passion.

    One thing that I’ve recently come to terms with is that, I love my friends dearly, but none of them really share my same creative passions. That doesn’t mean they’re not great friends. It just simply has shown me that when I need a team of people to help support my idea, I can’t really turn to them. Which has taught me that I need to step out of my comfort zone (including my 10+year long friendships) and start creating new friendships and partnerships with people who would help execute my visions. We need a team at least 50% of the time.

So, today, just go. Don’t stop yourself. Whatever you’ve been pushing to the side because of your doubts, pick it back up. Remind yourself why you wanted to pursue it in the first place. Sometimes, we need a simple reminder.