Are You Waiting For God to Make "The Move" For You? Or Is God Waiting on You?

So I just wanted to wait until I could hear his voice clearly before making my next move.

I found myself in a season, which I am sure some of you can relate to, where I felt like I was at a pause because I couldn’t figure out the direction that God was sending me in. Better yet, I started to feel like God was very silent, so I just wanted to wait until I could hear his voice clearly before making my next move.

Here’s the funny thing about that.

How many times have you convinced yourself that God was silent?

How often have you felt like you heard God telling you to do something, but because you weren’t certain whether it was your own thoughts or God speaking, you decided to just wait until it became more clear?

This idea of “waiting on God,” waiting for him to call you to your purpose, is just our way of putting things that we are afraid to admit or commit to on the back burner.

Personal Scenario:

Before publishing my book, I worked at it for years; on and off, hoping that one day it would just happen. Unreal, I know. But, pretty relatable and likely. I knew that God gifted me with the talent of writing. I knew that there was something in me that had to push. But, I wasn’t ready. Well, let’s be real. I didn’t want to be ready because of fear and worry. It didn’t make sense. It never makes sense when it’s Godsent.

I knew that God gave me this gift, yet I was waiting on Him to use it.

After all my years of melting in my own fears, I decided it was time to let go and let God lead. I finished the draft of my book in a matter of months and realized, I was wasting so many years waiting for the right moment.

Waiting for when God would say it’s time to go.

As draining as it was for me to just push forward, select the poems that I felt were suitable for my book and put it out into the world—it felt like the greatest relief. I knew that God gave me this gift, yet I was waiting for Him to use it. Yet, in reality, the initial part was taken care of. I had the gift, now I had to create magic with it, right?

So, all that time. God was like, “Girl! Are you ready yet?” And though my book is still growing and I am still learning how to maneuver through this particular industry, I know that as long as I continue to take that step, God is fully prepared to walk me the rest of the way.

Think of it this way.

If you have a dog, or if you’ve ever seen someone walking their dog, you may have noticed that sometimes the dog resists and stands still in its place—waiting. If the dog’s owner is nice, they will wait for the dog before continuing to walk. Think of yourself as that dog. Maybe as you were walking, you stubbed your paws on a rock that left you in pain. Because of that pain, you became complacent and unwilling to push forward. Or, you might have even felt a sudden wooziness because you feared the next steps you’d take would lead into a world of the unknown or it reminded you of a past failure. So, like that dog, you stopped in your tracks—even though you were on the right path. You decided to wait.

But also, so good, he may tug at you a little bit just to get you back in motion.

The greatness of God—He will wait right next to you. He will wait patiently until you are ready. But also, so good, he may tug at you a little bit just to get you back in motion.

As much as you might see it as if you’re being broken, everything is trying to take you out of your comfort space and the world ahead is scary—this is the moment of your breakthrough. God is waiting.

I heard a quote by Pastor Steven Furtick. It said:

“There was a time I claimed I was “waiting on God,”

when God was really waiting on me.”

I just want to ask you. Are you still waiting? Are you stuck? Are you convincing your mind to think, “it’s not my time yet? My time will come,” while sitting around, not taking any actions? Ultimately, why? What is your reason? What keeps you from taking the next step? What prevents you from being your greatest gift and allowing life the be the toughest test that you significantly ace!


Hey, I’m not preaching to you. I’m definitely applying these questions to myself because I know that I have waited in the past, and I often find myself in a queue by my lonesome from time to time.

Also, don’t mistake the truth that sometimes, we have to remain in a season of waiting. But, when you’re gifted, you’re mindful of what God is trying to do and you’re ready—but unreasonable things are trying to obscure your view—then you should know that it is time that the wait is over!

Look forward to this next season. It’s going to be so good, I can already tell!

With Love, Always.