Understanding That You Are Enough

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Have you ever wanted to be free of something that makes you uncomfortable, yet it may be something that we most likely take for granted?

Or maybe you've asked God time and time again to rid all negative things from your life and let you be the best you that you could be, right? I mean hello, if I can snap and take away the bad, life would be "lit" as the kids say!

Let's actually think about this. The idea that there would be no one around to hurt you, no pointless friendships or relationships, nothing to make you feel void. 

If God was to rid the things in your life that you feel are detrimental, hurting you or stopping your growth and you're left with just yourself.... would that be enough?

Would you be enough? 

Would the adversity that you faced in the past have strengthened you to be the person that you need to be? Not just during tough times, but when the sun is set and the birds are chirping aka when things seem perfect. Will you remain full?

It's not as simple as the idea of being free from all of what we deem to be detrimental, but rather who we are after we face it all.

I've personally been through a few storms in my life. I can count on at least one hand the number of times that I've asked God to remove it from me and my life. And when He does, I notice that things still are not "perfect."

For so many years, I would tell people that I don't mind when trials and trouble come my way because it gives me what I need to be enough, during that season.

The key to overcoming adversity, to fighting back when your growth is being toyed with and to prevent or lessen the hurt is to know yourself and know who God is in you. When you are confident in knowing this, you will understand that no matter what comes your way, no matter what you lose or gain, you are enough. 

You are enough because you are a creation of our Creator. 

Who you are will not depend on what you go through. You are not defined by the battles you've lost or won. Who you are will always remain standing no matter what, because of who created you.

God wants to speak a different reality over your life as opposed to what you have allowed yourself to believe. Sometimes, we feel that maybe we just aren't enough--which is why we often attach ourselves to the problem. The fullness of Christ has been given to us and there is nothing that we can change about that. You are more than enough.